Friday, November 9, 2007


a really bad shot of me and the uniqlo guy. but you get the point.

a super busy oxford road (?) where uniqlo and other major stores are located
the opening night of uniqlo's london launch was something fierce. my classmates snuck in and said the had a fabulous time. the next day, i was running errands on oxford street and bumped into a bunch of the workers outside. ofcourse, i started convo with them. and above is my picture with one of the guys. they got paid $120 a day, just to hand out uniqlo flyers. not a bad gig.

i noticed some really cool stores on that stretch as well: i forget the names now, but one sold express sushi. it was amazing. salmon roles - individually wrapped for $2. edamame $2. almost everything was $2. it was a cute concept, a really clean store and a nice way to have a healthy meal or a cheap snack.

i'll take a photo later and post.

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Janelle said...

ok so i went to the uniqlo spring 08 cocktail preview in good ole nyc and got a $50 dollar gift card to get in with! lol