Friday, November 9, 2007


i only remembered to take a pic after i'd wolfed everything down. it doesn't look that savory, but trust me it was de-li-cious. (as my momma would say.)

okay with this much focus on food, doesn't it sound like i'm fixin to get fat out here? no such worries. i'm wathing what i eat like immigration watches mexicans AND i'm working out daily. but since we are on the topic, i had the best meal ever the other day. ofcourse, it was from marks and spencer! i bought whole wheat pita bread, organic hummus, and fresh scottish salmon and carrots and paired it with a sparkling bottle of spring water. SO YUM! i took a picture to share. don't worry about the presentation, just salivate over the description.

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Janelle said...

miss thing nothing sounds yummy about hummus! yuck.....