Monday, November 12, 2007


before: looking beautiful, but still needing that extra oomph.

here it is in a flawless, natural looking and feeling, indian remy, lace front weave.

a part that shoes a natural scalp.
my side burns with baby hairs

had a fabulous weekend. still can't believe - and totally thanking god - that i'm having fun here. saturday i focused on articles all day, and then in the evening went on a "date" with my boy nicholas who lives downstairs from me. for a girl that likes to walk, it was an evening from heaven. we literally walked from bankside in southeast london , where we live, to north east and west and west west -lol. we found ourselves in hackney, shoreditch, and a bunch of other places i'm learning to know. it was pretty cool. sunday, went to church and then spent the entire rest of the day eating jerk chicken and getting my lace front wig put on. see the photos above! if you are interested in buying on, reach out to me at


Janelle said...

Zanidle you look amazing.
I am so happy that you are happy now in your new environment.
I want to visit you very very soon.
We need to chat about that like NOW.
Miss you much!
Love ya

j madison

ps. you hair looks good girl, but you know I gots to get in up close and personal before I can get in.

MUAH!(that's a kiss if you aint know)

Janelle said...

you got in with "my side burns with baby hairs" comment.
I can't with you.
You better love that lace front biatch!
I am sure it cost you pretty "Pound".
It looks beautiful on you and super natural, but "mi need fa si it in a mi face".............

Sassy said...


CJ said...

Love it!!! Only you would do before and after pics of putting on a lace front and this is why you are a rock star:)