Friday, November 23, 2007


me and hampus bernhoff, a womwenswear designer who i am shadowing.
in true zandile fashion, taking notes and listening in on a critique of georgy, a menswear designer i am also shadowing.
those bags i am carrying are from, guess where? marks and spencer. i'd just bought my dinner and some water and was heading right back to the library. i made the security guard take the photo. LOLZ!

an apple pie from mcdonalds. this is really better than crack. or maybe crack manifested as a tasty treat. or maybe a cocktail of crack, heroin and arbor mist wine cooler (which i am addicted to). but i digress...this pie is really good.

me on a class assignment to discover more about the designers, 6267. i tracked down a store that sold their clothing and tried it on. looks good and feels fabulous. but at $3,000, it's a bit out of my price range.

hey guys! wow! i got so excited about my lace front weave that i just forgot about updating you on other parts of my life. my third week in london was fabulous. i am really starting to get into the groove of my life here. on days i have class i get up early, run, check email then head off to school. after that, i spend time with two saint martins designers, who i am shadowing for a project then go off to the library to work on my articles and blog for the blay report. on days i don't have class, i get up early, run, check email then head to straight to the library. it sounds nerdy. but i am enjoying myself and enjoying the steady rhythm of work and school.

i'm discovering some really cool stuff too....LIKE MCDONALDS APPLE PIE! ofcourse, i knew about this in america. but why is the one in london tastier and crispier. i think they deep fry it - so you can imagine the cholesterol filled goodness that it is. i'm working on my fitness, so i don't over indulge. but trust me, i'm tempted everyday! oh! and my love affair with marks & spencer is growing. why did the cashier there tell me yesterday that tescos is more affordable. i said, "i know. but marks & spencer is my weakness. i'll just eat less." lol! for real.

do you want to know what i bought? well, since it was thanksgiving, i decided to have myself a merry little dinner to give thanks for all my blessings. soooooo, of course, i had to buy a bottle of wine, some AMAZING rustic bread which was just baked (tasty and soft!!! omg!), cheese, cured salami and fresh salmon. ALL FOR 19 pounds - which is really $40. but still a bargain! and i got some breakies - which are smoothies with oats. mad good.

so today is friday, i have loads on my plate. i have to catch up on email, i have a meeting with a web designer for my school project and DRINKS IN THE EVENING with a wonderful woman i met two weeks ago. she's a friend of my friend laila and invited me out for drinks. can't wait. will have pictures for you. in the meantime, enjoy the ones above.

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Bebe said...

Girl Tesco is more affordable! And GOOD!

I ate like shit whenever I shopped at Tesco. Go ahead and convert.