Monday, October 1, 2007


wooooooooooow! so this is purely for therepeautic reasons. i already have an awesome fashion news blog with solid readership: but i needed a place where i could talk about me and how i'm adjusting to my move in london. this will be a very barebones blog. no sophistication. pictures here and there. it might be entertaining/and or boring. i have no idea. but what i do know is: i want it to make me feel good. i want it to make me feel less lonely, less in sticker-shock, less home sick and more thrilled about this amazing, two-year journey to learn more about fashion, europe and myself. ironically, i'm writing this from new york. i had to comeback here for paperwork to replace my greencard. so this blog won't get poppin' until the end of the month when i go back to london. so stay tuned!